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Here we are another year gone by, its been a nice ride since 2004. The years past have seen numerous changes in many aspects of our lives. We at Noobforums.com look forward to continue to meet the needs of the novice and advanced alike.

unoob11The biggest change for Noob Forums is this easy to navigate site with some new additions, all on a new server with easy navigation up top. Our well known Forums, Software,Subscribers Vault and the new Ringtones Requests all added with easy access. Designed to make things easier for you and as always Free of Flamage. keeping with our motto “Learn Don’t Get Flamed” We still provide 24/7 support to one and all in a non volatile flame free environment, where every question is a good question.

We also sport some New iPhone webapps and are in the process of releasing some new native iphone applications. We have added our iPhone forums to support all our new members from ithemeit.com, MyiPhoneforums.com and MyiTones.com also all members of the NoobForums Mobile Phone and Technology resource.

Its Nice to see how far we have come from our start as NextelNoob.com back in 2004 with our goal to make things easier for others without flaming them and to see how we have grown into Noobforums and Numerous other sites all dedicated to making things easier for everyone with sites and software that keep it simple stupid. From

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